Regex Pattern for mp3 Url Links parsing in PHP

I have been working on an hobby project in PHP. Trying to identify the best regex pattern to parse the mp3 link url. Finally arrived with this pattern. $sourcestring=”html content with mp3 links goes here”; preg_match_all(‘/)(?=(?:[^>=]|=\'[^\’]*\’|=”[^”]*”|=[^\’”][^\s>]*)*?\shref=([\’”]?)(.*?\.mp3)\1(?:\s|\/>|>))(?:[^>=]|=\'[^\’]*\’|=”[^”]*”|=[^\’”][^\s>]*)*>.*?/’,$sourcestring,$matches); print_r($matches[2]); Google Plus

MongoDB Query C# Count Skip, Limit and more

Raw Query with MongoDB without Entity var server = MongoServer.Create(ConfigurationManager.ConnectionStrings[“MongoConnection”].ConnectionString.ToString()); var database = server.GetDatabase(“MongoQuery”); BsonDocument doc = MongoDB.Bson.Serialization.BsonSerializer.Deserialize(where); var query = new QueryDocument(doc); var result = collection.Find(query); Using Skip and Limit collection.Find(query).SetSkip(0).SetLimit(1).Size()