Contributing to Google Maps as a Local Guide

There is a old saying that if “you can able to talk then you can get the way”. This means if you are visiting a new place you can easily get the directions by just keep enquiring people along the way. In today’s world this still works.


I have been contributing to Google Maps via MapMarker for a long time. Whenever i felt that the location doesn’t have directions or any other information to reach. Recently Google is promoting this Map Marker through a Special Campaign called “Local Guides”. Anyone can join this and start contributing to Google Maps. This includes Adding New Places, Photos, Reviews and Correcting wrong/misspelled information. In Return, Google awards you with Rewards of Points. These Points helps you to get some benefits which includes Free Google Drive Storage as well.

Apart from the Reward Points of this Program, Personally i felt some proudness and greatness that i was able to contribute something with respective to Location and Reviews which will be useful for others. So far i have added 4 Places and 1 reviews. I will continue to add more locations and reviews if its really going to help other in and around my region.

Here my Stats from Local Guide Program.


Feel Proud  by by becoming a real Local Guide and help people to reach their destinations in your Locality.

Thanks for reading.


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