AWS Solution Architect Associate Exam – How i prepared for the exam?

AWS-Certified-Solutions-Architect-Associate1I was introduced to Cloud technologies in the year 2011 and eventually got passionate to know more about the way the cloud is operated. At that time, I was working on a new Cloud based Project for a Digital Media company on Microsoft’s Windows Azure Platform. To know more about the cloud features i signed up with Rackspace for a free course and cleared them in 3 weeks. The course covered the fundamental concepts behind the cloud irrespective of any Cloud Vendors. From then i started following technical updates from the major Cloud Providers  Windows Azure, Amazon AWS and Google Cloud Platform and realized the underlying concepts and features almost same but branded in a different product names.

In the last 2 years we have been heavily using the Amazon Cloud Services for our Client Projects and got interested to explore more of the AWS services and features by preparing for the Certification so that i can go in depth of the subject and implement the best practices in our Project.  The only way to be motivated for the certification is to study with a Group. So, we formed a Group of 5 and started learning the certification syllabus using CloudGuru Videos. Spending more than one hour per day in the Weekdays for preparation is not possible for we have other project deliverables.


Preparation & Resources

– Company Sponsored CloudGuru AWS Solution Architect – Associate Course on Udemy for $24. It seems the course content is not updated frequently in Udemy. So i spoke to CloudGuru and they gave access to their updated content and practice quizzes in their main website.
– Signed up with CloudAcademy for FreeTrial and took the practice exam to increase my confidence level on the Subject
– Took QwikLab exercises on various topics
– Youtube Videos from SimpliLearn
– Attended most of the Online Quizes related to AWS Categories : S3, EC2, VPC,CloudFront

It took 2 Months to prepare for this exam which includes watching videos and taking Notes on various topics and doing hands-on in the Amazon Console. I read reviews on the Practice test and it covers just 20 questions. So i decided to attend the actual test and reserved my slot in the nearby testing Center. Mazenet Solution in TNagar . The exam is for 80 minutes with 60 questions. It took me 55 minutes to attend all this question and used the 5 minute to quickly review the marked items. Once your time is over you will be provided with a Survey screen in which you can provide feedback or comments about your experience. Remember that you should not use your back button when filling the survey. For me it kicked out me twice and the test co-ordinator helped me to login again to the system.

Few Tips :
1.Its tough to clear the exam until you have done some basic hands-on in the Amazon Console.
2.Take Notes on each Topic so that you can revise before you go for the exam
3.Ryan has done the great job in the CloudGuru videos. Please tryout all the lab exercises.
4.Cloud Academy has a separate Quiz exercise on various topics via iOS App. This helped me lot to practice when i am not in front of the Web/Desktop

The same day amazon sent a compressed file with Certification Badges and PDF Certificate which can be used to share in your portfolio or resume.


Note :  This certification is valid for 2 years. I need to renew them later.

Please let me know if you need any help.


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