How i use Audio Streaming in Home

In this post i would like to sketch out how the audio streaming workflow is set in my home network. Setting up a Audio workflow involves the Audio Source, Media Server/Agents,Playing Device & Audio Receivers (Wireless). Media Servers like Plex,Kodi provides various features for a best media experience at home. But i these softwares are not supported by the old Linux Kernel running in the PogoPlug. So i have set it up with custom tools.

Audio Source :
All my files are residing in the 1TB external hard disk which has become a personal cloud by connecting with the USSM Module in the PogoPlug.

Audio Streaming
Audio Streaming in my Home

Agents :

The following agents are running in the Linux Pogo device.
Light Httpd Web Server to browse the Music files
SAMBA Agent to share the Music folder on the LAN
FTP Agent to share the Music folder on the LAN
DAAPD Agent which serves the Music using DAAP Protocol. Any DAAP Client can able to play. ITunes automatically detects the DAAP server on the network using Bonjour service.

Audio Players Software & Playing Device :
– Documents App for iOS
– VLC can able to Access the shared FTP folder
– Safari iOS default mp3 player
– iTunes App for Windows / Mac can able to play music from DAAP server

Receiver  :
Air Play Receiver : This is the Apple’s protocol to stream audio/video wirelessly in the same Wifi network.
– Shairport4W : AirPlay Receiver for Windows. Stream Audio from any iOS Devices
– AirPi : Stream to Raspberry Pi devices.
Bluetooth Receiver : I use this in the iOS Devices to send the audio to the EDUP Receivers
Classic Stereo Aux In : Everyone knows about this classic stereo pin

To Do :

  • Ask Alexa to play the selected song or Album from the Local Library through any of the agents and ask her to direct the Audio stream to different receiver based on my need.
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