How i installed Windows 10 on Un Supported model of old Macbook ?

Apple Macbooks are kind enough to support and Install Windows Operating System on its hardware. Infact Apple provides a separate utility in the Mac OSX called “BootCamp” which eases the process of installing the Windows on Apple MacBook devices. Earlier i have installed Windows 7 on an old MacBook 2007 Model A1181. This was working good and the performance also beats my Desktop machine when working in Visual Studio 2012.




Recently, Apple released the latest Bootcamp software which doesn’t supports the Old Macbook Models  and its not as easy to install any latest release of Windows OS. A simple trick is instead of installing everything using the bootcamp, i tried upgrading the existing Windows 7 directly to Windows 10 and everything worked perfectly in 2 hours. If you have not used bootcamp earlier then, start with installing windows 7 and then upgrade them using this Utility

System Performance after Installing Windows 10 in the Old Macbook :

– Visual Studio performance has drastically reduced when compared to Windows 7.
– File search from Start Menu is faster
– Cortana works OK. ( May be its not officially supported for India yet. Available ony for Insider Preview)
– Microsoft Edge Browser works lightning fast. But still chrome seems to be more comfortable for me.

So far for simple usage like Browsing this is more than enough for me. Happy to work in the latest Windows 10 on the old MacBook (2007) which is almost 10 years old.


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