How i got rid off the sloshing sound in my Car?

After the heavy rain in the last month which hit the city severely and affected peoples lives, households including the vehicles. Fortunately, my Car has not affected much but there is a few buckets of water stagnating in the passenger and drivers area. I have took some time to clear the water manually around 8 buckets of water and left the car to dry out for a day.

The next day it was a surprise when i started the car to work. Slowly my shoes and carpet getting wet and also i noticecd a sloshing sound whenever i change the gear or apply a brake. I have been pondering over to figure out where the water is coming from?. Checked on team-bhp, online forums and nothing gave me a concise detail of what would be wrong.

Its even tougher to get them serviced from an authorized service center as already lot of vehicles qued in their garage for service and it takes weeks for me to get the service done.

I decided to go for a nearby showroom who actually does polishing for car. They have no idea about the interiors/mechanic of the car system. I spoke to the manager and he assured to resolve the sloshing sound along with cleaning the interior carpets and seats with just Rs.1500. I agreed and then he added to do a Teflon Coating, replace few bulbs and tail lights and brought down the bill to 10K.

When i went to take the delivery on the 3rd day, i thought of doing a test drive and surprised to see the same sloshing sound still there and not reduced a bit. Returned the vehicle and asked them to check and they agreed and they regretted for not resolving them. Remember, i went to the shop initially just for this primary reason and except that they addressed other things like adding bulb,shining teflon coating, polished tyres etc.

On the 5th day, when i again went to take the delivery, i was more confident that they should have resolved this. I paid and returned to home and noticed the same sloshing sound. Turned the car towards the shop again and just asked the manager to accompany with me immediately to show how the sloshing sound still exists. He refused and i forced to get him in the car along with the mechanic. When i applied the brake to bring the sloshing sound, the manager and the mechanic said it was a Fuel Sound and tried me to simply accept them. I was very forceful with their comments and getdown of the car and said i am not going to accept this and need a solution.

The mechanic  turned down and pulled a vent on both side of the  car and lot of water coming out of the vent and wetted the road. The manager simply saw this and said this was the first time he is seeing this in his career. I took a big breath that finally the mechanic able to resolve this atleast after waiting for 5 days.

This is a message for the people who were running car jewels. Please assure only the thing you know and you can able to resolve. False commitment really affects the customers.

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