Android M Introduces Chrome Custom Tabs for better Web experience

In the Recent Google I/O Event 2015, Google announced some new features in Android M Developer Preview, the successor to the latest Android Lollipop. Custom Chrome Tabs is one of the feature which captured my attention due to its simplicity of accessing the web links without switching to any browser app. How this is different from the WebView?. Developers can integrate the Custom Chrome Tabs in to their Apps and invoke the light weight Chrome browser within the app. This way the have access to all of Chrome’s rendering capabilities, saved passwords, auto-fill from the keyboard and the default security features of Chrome browser.

Chrome Custom Tab - Android M
Chrome Custom Tab – Android M

Let’s take an example :
You are using an App say to view your Tweets.Everytime you click an link in the Tweet, the app will either prompt you to select the browser you want to open that link or it loads the page in WebView (limited browser features). This might be annoying as this Webview doesn’t have much features when compare to the regular browser. So, users need to switch to a different app for a better experience of this page url.

In Custom Chrome tabs, whenever you see a link in your App, it will simply slide in the light weight version of the Chrome Browser which uses the chromes native capabilities to load the link. This way user don’t need to switch to different app and get distracted from the App.

I am pretty sure this going to add not just a good web experience but also provides better App experience as the users going to stay within the app. Developers needs to use the power of this Custom Chrome tabs API to deliver a great user experience.

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