Windows 8 Product Key – Recover Lost Key and Re-use

Recently, in My Dell Laptop, Windows OS crashed and I am seeing a lot of abnormal behaviors. This includes the flowing issues

1.Takes Long time to boot and get into Login screen
2.Unable to change the Networking settings as it throws COM surrogate error.
3.Unable to Install Hypervisor even though this laptop supports this feature
4.Oracle Virtual Box failed to run properly for any Guest Om Shanti…
5.Visual Studio takes long time every time it was opened.
6. Windows Updates Services will download all the updates, installs them and will show a message “Unable to complete the updates and undoing the changes”

These are the few issues I was facing and I was hesitating for the last 6 months to format and reinstall the OS as I lost the Windows 8 Product Key.

When I checked out the internet there are lot of Tools available to get the currently used Product key. I installed and safely stored this Product Key to my Dropbox Account. Trust me this has saved me a lot.

I have used this Tool :

The next day, After a restart it went to a Blue screen of CRITICAL DEVICE FAILED. It seems my Laptop now really needs a complete format. Then proceeded to clean installation of Windows 8 and activated the Windows Product using the key which I retrieved from the Tool.

If you still hesitating to do a clean installation because of the product key then this is the time to go ahead and proceed without any worries.

Happy formatting with New OS

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