Killing Frozen Stopping Windows Update Service

Windows Update is one of the Services running in Windows OS which enables the detection, download, and installation of updates for Windows and other programs.

Recently i installed windows 8 and initiated the Windows Update. But is prompted to download Windows Self Update which is necessary before Checking for updates. It automatically tried to Stop the Windows service so that it can download the newer version of windows update software. But i noticed that the service is not stopped instead it got freezed. It doesn’t allows to stop or start. Intermediate state. This being a stopper for me to run the Windows Update.

Solution :
Here the command to force kill the service which freezed in the services.msc with the description “Stopping”.

Taskkill /F /FI “SERVICES eq wuauserv”

Note : use Administrator mode when running the command prompt. (SHIFT + Ctrl + Click)

Here wuauserv is the service name for the Windows Update. Now check for Windows updates and everything should work.

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