Deploying App Archive to Jailbroken iOS Device from XCode

In this post we are going to look at how to deploy an App developed in Xcode using self-signed certificate to iOS Device.

There are some Apps in Cydia which can also be used to Deploy the Apps to your JB device wirelessly. But this method will be useful without those tools.

Steps :
Build the Project in Xcode using Build for Archiving
Select the Target as Device in the Simulator Selector
Click Product -> Archive.

This will open the Organizer window with the ProductNam.archive file. Open that file in the Finder and click Show Package Contents. Inside that you will see a folder called Product where your Buildoutput resides with the name Drag this to Itunes App section and sync them with your devices.

Now you can see your developed App installed on your device wirelessly.

The other ways of installing the Apps are
IFunBox – A GUI Tool to manage your entire IOS File System
SSH Terminal – Cydia App – Manage iOS devices through Command Line


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