Disable unwanted daemons/services to Speedup older IOS devices

Users from Linux/Unix background are well aware of this word daemon. These are similar to the windows service. The services which you want to start can be placed in the LaunchDaemons folder. Once the system is booted the OS runs these services in the background in the order defined.

These background services are one of major reason that Apple discontinuing the support of iOS updates for older devices. When new features are introduced in iOS it’s going to run lot of services in the background which needs more processing power and memory.

The following are some of the services which the common user might not be interested much but still these system services will be running and there is no way to disable them without Jailbreaking to release memory.

1. AirPrint
2. Internet Tethering
3. iCloud Sync
4. Bluetooth
5. Assistive Touch
6. OTA Daemons

Here a simple Cydia App, iCleaner Pro through which one can disable these services.


Now, my Phone is running superfast with iOS 7 after disabling these daemons.

Note : once disabled, you need to restart the device to see the effect.

You can download the iCleaner Pro from Cydia for Free.


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