Chrome Workspaces – Developer Productivity

Firebug – If you are a Web Developer you have definitely came across this developer tool which has made the life of a Web Developer easier. This firefox addon is developed with primary focus on developers to ease the task of debugging,troubleshooting the client side scripts,css which is rendered in a browser client.

These tools has changed the perspective completely of save your changes to your file and refresh the page to see the changes. Instead you can edit your css, html and even scripts instantly it will be reflected in your webpage.

Then came the New Browser Google Chrome which made the Web Development a real joy for (Inbuilt Developer Tools) developers to Debug and Troubleshoot the scripts in a efficient way. Still developers felt a pain when they do some changes in these tools and if everything looks good, they need to copy these changes and need to be saved again to the actual file. There are some tools available called “Tincr” which takes care of instant saving the changes behind the scenes to the actual file in the disk.

Now, to the rescue, Chrome is Inbuilt with new feature called Workspaces. Through this you can simply map your Drive Folders with the WebPage Url and the magic is all your changes you are doing in the Inspector Window can be saved directly to your actual file in the Disk. As an Ice on the cake, It also maintains the versions of your changes so no worries of losing your changes.

This feature is available in the Developer Tools Window -> Right Corner Settings – Workspaces

Happy Coding with Workspaces..


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