My Desktop with Triple Boot – Windows 8.1 Preview

I have been using my desktop which is almost 6 years old with a good high configuration.

Processor : Pentium dual core of 1.8 ghz
Memory : 3GB of RAM
Mother Board : Intel 946GZIS
Hard Disk : 160 GB with 4 Partition of 40 GB each

Windows XP on Drive 1
Windows 7 on Drive 4
Windows 8.1 on Drive 2

initially it was running on Windows XP. Then loaded Windows 7 as a dual boot. Last year I loaded the windows 8 as triple boot and I was using this for developing windows store style apps.

Recently, I want to try the Windows 8.1 Preview and replaced the old windows 8. It was running smooth for a week with VS 2012 Professional.

Booting Issues :
Due to some power fluctuation in my home it got restarted and it never when to load any OS. I keep on restarting to see the Boot options to select either win xp or win 7. Then I realized all these OS startup ends with a Blue screen. MEMORY_MANAGEMENT ERROR. Something new for me.

Then it shown to restore or repair my PC. After using the win 8.1 installation cd, it reported it can’t repair my PC and it ended up with infinite restarting with some message with a big emotional symbol : (

Initially I thought the windows 8.1 has corrupted my entire hard disk. After going vain for few attempts finally I tried swapping my RAM which is in 2 slots (1GB and 2GB). Then I selected the win7 to boot from. (As I Trust win7 more ). My goodness, the OS loaded now and I immediately ran the CHKDSK tool to check for bad sectors in all the OS drives.

Then I restarted and selected windows 8.1 to boot. Things went well. but none of the apps are opening. It’s starting and closing immediately. After googling I thought of doing a RefreshPC option so that my apps will work properly.

I thought this will be a simple restore of just my apps and it will not take much time. Unfortunately, it took more than 30 minutes and expected the Windows 8.1 ISO image to refresh them completely. (I felt I might gone for the complete reinstallation of win 8.1 os,because of the time it took)

While refreshing it shown me the following message
Setting up few more things.
Getting devices ready

Now things are set. But not sure whether windows 8.1 couldn’t able to handle abrupt shutdowns?

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