Amazon Web Services – Chennai Event

Amazon organized AWS Summit on topic Navigate the Cloud this year second time in Chennai.

Last year they conducted the similar event for the first time and gave a overall awareness to the customers about the amazon cloud offerings.

This year they focused on some of the new products like
Dyanmo DB
Glaciers etc

Here a good video about the Dynamo DB

Here some differences I noticed between dynamodb and simple db

Both share some of the same features like holding data in the form of entities. But still there are some few differences

Simple DB to 10 GB
2.when the size increases application might face some latency issues

Dyanomo DB
1.Uses SSD – Ultra Fast Solid State Drives
2.Store Unlimited Data
3.Dynamically Scalable

Also, please see this article for a detail review
Amazin Dynamodb

The event started up with a Quiz and i was delighted to get a T-Shirt goodies for answering correctly regarding Block storage.

AWS Event - Quiz


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