Google Chrome Browser Review for iOS – Devices

Google released his most expected Chrome browser for iOS devices last week. The company made its announcement on Thursday 28 Jun 2012 as part of its annual Google I/O conference in San Francisco, with Chrome becoming available on the App Store for iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch Devices.

has done a detail review of the App compare to the Safari.

Here my observations on this app based on my usage

I  regularly use Safari for Browsing. Safari works great if you have a good WiFi bandwidth connectivity. I prefer to go with Opera when my Internet speed is limited to 512 kbps. (as opera speeds up your browsing  by using their cloud servers )

The new Chrome as created an attention on me due to the following factors and it joined me in the Favourite browser list. In my experience, i really love the Bookmarks Sync, Tab syncing etc. (on iOS 6  it has option to sync open Tabs across all devices).

Tabs Count:

Safari :  Limited to Max 9 Tabs

Chrome : I don’t see any limits as i opened more than 25 Tabs

Additional Workspace :

Safari  – Top Bar ( Address Bar and Tab Bar ) : 103  Pixles

Chrome – Top Bar ( Address Bar and Tab Bar ) : 71 Pixles

You will get additional 30 pixels on Chrome 🙂

Sharing :

Safari :  Has option to Share the WebPage url to Email  or Share via  Tweet

Chrome : Currently No option to share the WebPage url via Tweet but it has option to email the Url

Lets hope the next version of chrome will integrate the Sharing features like FB and Twitter.

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