What you should not do when placing a Scratch Guard for IPad –

Last week, i have been trying to buy a Scratch Guard for the iPad 2.

When i inquired in the iStore the cost is too high of around 80o INR . In normal mobile showrooms the cost is around 400 INR

After trying to find a good deal, reached Ritchie Street here in chennai and bought a Scratch Guard for iPad 2 at a cost of Rs.200

I am happy as i saved around 200-600 INR.

Here the interesting happened

yes, After following the instructions in the How to apply manual, finally it advised to peel of the top layer of the guard. Unfortunately the layer was

tight the bottom layer also came with the top layer. Making the screen guard useless. Further i tried to apply the same which created these bubbles effects

Please be careful while peeling of the top layer once you done with pressing the screen guard



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