Mp3 File – Customize Tags from C#

Mp3 Files the most pre-dominant Music file format used by most of the Modern Players. These mp3 files are embedded with special information called MetaData or Tags which is used to identify the Album, Title, Artist and other Infromation.

Most of the Portable Mp3 Players like iPod, Creative Mp3 Player etc can able to read these Tags as these ID3  ( ) tags are universally standard tags. These players has also option to browse through the Music files through Genre, Year, Artist etc.

Before Transferring your file to the Mp3 Player, you need to organize it in a better way so that you can make use of the varous filters provided by the Device lie By Artist,By Year etc.

It’s tough to manually edit the mp3 files if you have a huge collection to group/organize these files under a specific genre, year  or  Album

To automate the process, there is a open source C# Library through which you can accomplish the job of Editing your Mp3 fie Id3 Tags/MetaInfo on the fly.

Organize, Browse and Hear the Music Happily from your Portable Player.


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