Running your Web Role in Local Development IIS with Azure SDK 1.3

Here i am going to explain you the quick way of  Developing and Testing your Azure Web Roles in Local Development Environment.

When we add a Web Role to  a Cloud Project and We run them from VS IDE, on the background it uses the IIS to host your Website in the Local development and takes you to the URL :

At this time of debugging when you want to do some corrections/changes to the .cs code its hard to stop the Application, change the Code and Re-Run the Application. This will adds additional development Time if you need debugging.

Here the Quick Solution to make life easier by Just creating a Virtual Directory and Linking the Virtual Directory to the WebSite Folder (not the Cloud Project Folder).  Make sure your Applications reads the Configuration Settings from Web.Config when the RoleEnvironment is not Available. In this case you have full freedom to develop and test your Website Locally before porting to the Live Azure Cloud.


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