Presenting Yourself on Behalf of your Company

Last Week I got a chance to talk about the Technical Expertise of our Company.  Here some of the things learnt from them.

1.Be clear with the topic  which you going to deliver/present.

2.Get Prepared with the right  and latest Content/Information about the Topic. Take enough time to prepare them. Avoid last minute preparation

3.Be aware of the Audience you are Targeting. ( Technical, Functional, Business, Marketing etc)

4.Make sure that the Presentation has some liveliness by asking some simple puzzles/questions.

5.Don’t directly start the presentation with a complex/detailed Power Point slide. Give a brief introduction about the Topic and the slowly dive into the detail later. At the same time make sure the audience are clear on each of the flow.

6.Your Presentation might be a Excellent one. But what’s use if it not meets the (Clients) Audience Expectations. So, If you are going to give Presentation for your clients make sure you clearly understand their business strategies, the domain knowledge and how your technology is going to help them and prepare the content accordingly.

7.While explaining some of the functional flow, always give some real time examples related to the same field in which your audiences are Involved.

8.While concluding the session, give a chance to raise any queries and try to address them. If you are in ambiguous state of replying the queries then intimate them that you will get back them later.

Waiting for a Next chance to apply the same..  : )


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