Workflow for Reading Online Articles

There are rich source of information we can get from the internet on variety of topics. Due to time constraint we may not able to consume those information properly. Thanks to the web having the Unique Identifier for these information using the Url so that we can store them somewhere for future reference.

Here some few thoughts of consuming these articles through various ways.

Through Bookmarks :
In a Traditional way one can bookmark these url links and checkout them later. But for a regular reading users these bookmark becomes a cumbersome to manage and segregate due to a huge list of links. Bookmarks are intended to use for frequent visiting of the sites. For reading articles you may not land up to the same article frequently unless you specifically no refer later.

Through RSS Feeds :
RSS Feeds became one of the best way go subscribe and consume information from Blogs, News Sites and other Information Channels. I have subscribed nearly 30+ websites through RSS Feeds via Google Reader.
Google Reader has shutdown their services last year.

Now a days we have a lot of Apps which helps you to consume content through RSS Feeds. Feedly is one of the popular app where you can add your favourite website RSS Feeds and set a workflow to save,email them.

Through Email :
Some websites allows you subscribe to the new posts via Email. This way you will get a notification email when a new post is available in the subscribed site. These emails will contain either the Full content of the article or the Links corresponding to the Article.

Stay Tuned. More to come on Saving this Content for Offline Reading

Fixing iPhone 4 Rear Camera / LED Flash Issue

This is one of the hot topic in the google related to iPhone LED and Camera issue. This seems to be very common for most of the iPhone models 4,4s,5,5s.

There are lot of reasons for Camera/LED not working

- Software related settings

- Hardware failure

- Dust and Water Damage

- Third Party Apps in JB Phone can interrupt the camera functionality.

In my case, when i open the stock camera app, the screen went to black and screen doesn’t respond. When i switch to front camera it works good. This might be related to some hardware related issue. Went head and opened the back lid using the 2 precious bottom screws of the iPhone 4 to see what went wrong.

The Camera unit is occupying a very safety place and to unplug we need to remove the battery, logic board and the other connectors going through the unit. I don’t want to mess up the board and logical unit as i can live with front camera. So, smoothly tilted the rear camera app upwards and again pressed them back to the seat rest.

Restarted the Phone and did a restore of the Cydia Apps. The rear camera started working again. Earlier i tried a lot of videos, articles and nothing helped.

This fix may work for you only if your camera and led both fails to work and you are seeing a black screen in the camera app.

Tips for MongoDB Developers

Here the some tips for mongodb developers.

    Tool Related :

1.Free MongoDB Hosting from MongoLab : Signup and try this so that you can explore and play well with the basics without worrying about the setup. MongoLab

2.RoboMongo – management studio for MongoDB :

3.JSON to CSV/Table : Online Utility to generate a table/csv out of a JSON. I usually copy the output from robomongo and paste it here to generate the csv file.

Please checkout this for more tools : MongoDB Tools

    Query Related :

1.Sort in Descending order with limit

2.Move a Collection from one DB to another DB in same server
use admin;

ADHAAR CARD – Get your e-AADHAAR Card Online

If you already received the physical copy of your aadhaar card and you want a printable version/PDF version of the same, then you can generate this online.

Generate E-Aadhaar Card Online


Fill the necessary information and you will be verified with a OTP Password to your registered Mobile Number ( The mobile number you used when you applied the aadhaar card) to generate.

This will generate the password protected PDF. Please use your registered PINCODE to unlock/open the PDF.

Having a soft copy of ID cards always helps us in times of need.

Direct Benefit Transfer of LPG – PAHAL (DBTL) – Registration Procedure

The Indian Government has brought some initiatives to provide the Subsidized LPG for the Consumers through the PAHAL Scheme. Earlier this was called as DBTL. Consumers should register to avail the benefits of this scheme before DEC 2014.

Yesterday i noticed there is a long que waiting in our regular LPG Distributor Office for joining this scheme. After noticing this, i decided to come up with an article so that everyone know how easy is to register for this scheme online instead of submitting manually.


About this Scheme :
1.AADHAR Card is not Mandatory for this Scheme.
2.Consumers will need a bank account to join the scheme and receive LPG subsidy
3.Consumers will also get one time permanent advance in their bank account prior to buying the first market priced LPG cylinder
4.Consumers will receive subsidy in their bank account as per their entitlement of subsidized cylinders
5.Till consumers join the scheme they will get cylinders at:
Subsidized price for 3 months w.e.f 15.11.2014 till 14.02.2015
Market price for next 3 months, but the subsidy due will be given to them if they join the scheme within these 3 months i,e till 14.

Registration Procedure :
The Registration for this Scheme has 2 Steps.
Step 1: Link your Aadhaar Number to your bank Account by Form 1 and depositing at bank branch / drop box at LPG distributor

Step 2: Link Your Aadhaar Number with your 17 Digit LPG ID. Consumers have lot of option to Link the Aadhar Card No

Note : If you already using your Mobile No to Book Cylinder, you might received the 17 Digit LPG ID. You can also use this to find your LPG Id :

Through Online :
Through SMS :
Through Post: Send Form 2 along with enclosures to Area-office Address.
via Call Centre: Call 1800-2333-555 and register the Aadhaar Number
By Hand: Submit Form 2 to the LPG distributor

Download the forms here :

Check Linking Status for Indane :
For Other Providers, Please refer the following links

LPG Providers Common Portal :

Indane :
HP Gas :
Bharat Gas :

Note : If you feel that you don’t need the Subsidy, you can also Opt out from this scheme using the Form 5

Developing Tweaks for iOS using THEOS

THEOS is a development framework to create Tweaks for Jailbroken iOS Devices. This is one of the powerful feature which takes your iOS Device beyond any limitation.

Tweaks are simple feature/functionality which you can inject to your existing application by hooking the respective classes/methods. This weekend i have been focussing to create simple tweak using THEOS and my target application was Pocket. I love this app for reading purposes.

THEOS Development :
– Theos can be installed in most of the platforms. OSX,Windows & Linux. Even you can Develop tweaks from your iOS Device by Installing the Theos framework. I tried setting up in Mac,iOS and Windows. But i was successfull only on Mac. Might be i was missing some of the methods mentioned here.

Other Tools :
MacPorts : MacPorts is a package manager for OSX through which we can install the necessary libraries we need for Theos
ClutchPatched : An CLI tool used to create a .ipa from a Encrypted .ipa file
class-dump : An CLI tool Used to capture all the headers for a give Application. So that we can inject the classes and methods we want to override.
class-dump-z : Most recommended CLI tool Used to capture all the headers for a give Application. So that we can inject the classes and methods we want to override.

How Tweaks works :

Assume a application, which uses a class called BookListController.h

Original Class Header :
class BookListController{

public void ShowBooks(){

//Original Code goes here



Injecting Custom Code to the existing Codebase via Tweaks.m

%hook BookListController{

public void ShowBooks(){


//Injected Logics & features goes here. You can send a message or call a API or Send Notification whenever the method ShowBooks is invoked by the Application.




I am working on a Application with respect to ReadList in Safari using the Tweaks feature for iOS Device. Stay Tuned. More articles to come for Theos Development.

Google Inbox in IOS Device – Native Mail app Crashing

Google recently announced the App “Inbox” which is rolled out on invite only basis.

I requested an invite and received the invite and went ahead and try out this. While trying out I realized the IOS Native mail app is crashing in all my iOS device even though I installed only in the iPad.


It seems, the Google Inbox trying to change some settings in the email server which affects the other mail app when try to fetch the emails from that account. After a while when I opened the mail app on my iPhone I don’t see any of the emails in my account. It’s dated back to 2013 emails.

Informed to Google Inbox Team @InboxGoogle via twitter. Still awaiting for there response. But I can still see those emails from the web interface of Gmail.

Not sure this is a known bug. I recommend if you want to try out the Inbox, please use some dummy account .

Windows 8 Product Key – Recover Lost Key and Re-use

Recently, in My Dell Laptop, Windows OS crashed and I am seeing a lot of abnormal behaviors. This includes the flowing issues

1.Takes Long time to boot and get into Login screen
2.Unable to change the Networking settings as it throws COM surrogate error.
3.Unable to Install Hypervisor even though this laptop supports this feature
4.Oracle Virtual Box failed to run properly for any Guest Om Shanti…
5.Visual Studio takes long time every time it was opened.
6. Windows Updates Services will download all the updates, installs them and will show a message “Unable to complete the updates and undoing the changes”

These are the few issues I was facing and I was hesitating for the last 6 months to format and reinstall the OS as I lost the Windows 8 Product Key.

When I checked out the internet there are lot of Tools available to get the currently used Product key. I installed and safely stored this Product Key to my Dropbox Account. Trust me this has saved me a lot.

I have used this Tool :

The next day, After a restart it went to a Blue screen of CRITICAL DEVICE FAILED. It seems my Laptop now really needs a complete format. Then proceeded to clean installation of Windows 8 and activated the Windows Product using the key which I retrieved from the Tool.

If you still hesitating to do a clean installation because of the product key then this is the time to go ahead and proceed without any worries.

Happy formatting with New OS

Exploring IOS BookmarksDB – Exporting Reading List from Jailbreak iPhone

IOS Safari, maintains the Bookmarks, Reading List archives and other sync informationn in a sqlite DB. If you can able to get that Bookmarks.db file, you can explore the data which it uses.

Bookmarks :
select * from bookmarks where hidden_ancestor_count=0

ReadingList :
select * from bookmarks where hidden_ancestor_count=1

select title,url,external_uuid from bookmarks where hidden_ancestor_count=1

Currently there is no way for third party applications to access the reading list. I created a simple app which reads the BooksmarksDB of Safari and pushes the Hyperlinks to my server. Here the sample application

Killing Frozen Stopping Windows Update Service

Windows Update is one of the Services running in Windows OS which enables the detection, download, and installation of updates for Windows and other programs.

Recently i installed windows 8 and initiated the Windows Update. But is prompted to download Windows Self Update which is necessary before Checking for updates. It automatically tried to Stop the Windows service so that it can download the newer version of windows update software. But i noticed that the service is not stopped instead it got freezed. It doesn’t allows to stop or start. Intermediate state. This being a stopper for me to run the Windows Update.

Solution :
Here the command to force kill the service which freezed in the services.msc with the description “Stopping”.

Taskkill /F /FI “SERVICES eq wuauserv”

Note : use Administrator mode when running the command prompt. (SHIFT + Ctrl + Click)

Here wuauserv is the service name for the Windows Update. Now check for Windows updates and everything should work.